Why Do NBA Players Yell and One?

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yell and one

Whether it’s a point guard calling out screens or a coach yelling at his players, communication is key on the basketball court. During the game, it’s common for players to shout terms like “And one.” Why do they do this? And do they even understand it? Let’s find out.

Why do they yell?

If you watch basketball, you may have noticed that players yell and one. This is their not-so-subtle way of telling the ref that they were fouled on a shot.

It happens if they are taking a jump shot or a layup or dunk and the ref calls a foul on the defender who is guarding them as they take the shot. This will give them an and one free throw.

In addition to this, you will also see players yell and when they have several shots in a row. This is often called an automatic.

Dion Waiters, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has become the king of this yell. He yells it on nearly every shot attempt at the rim, and the Internet has caught onto his habit.

It’s a way to get a foul call

In the NBA, yelling and one is often a way for players to get a foul call. This is especially true when it comes to shooting.

Even when the foul isn’t called, yelling and one can be a great way to let the ref know that you feel like you got fouled. It can also help you make a tough basket.

While this is an obvious way to get a foul call, it can also hurt your chances of getting a call in the future. This is because referees hate being told what to do and they can get frustrated when you yell and one.

It’s also important to remember that there are different rules for each type of play and all referees have their own standards. That being said, it’s best to stick with the rules and not yell and one.

It’s a way to motivate themselves

NBA coaches understand that yelling at a player can be an effective way to motivate them. But they also know it can be counter-productive if it’s used inappropriately.

Getting players to be motivated is all about timing and intent, as well as understanding the team and their individual psyche at the time. That’s why it’s so important to develop a healthy coach-player relationship and respect them for who they are as individuals.

In the NBA, that requires a lot of patience and grit. It also means knowing how to motivate the right player at the right time and not overreacting.

It’s a way to get the crowd involved

The crowd can be a source of motivation for the players. Whether it’s cheering the home team to turn on their defense or encouraging them to play hard, the crowd can be a huge part of the game.

When fans are at a basketball game, they often chant “Defense!” or something similar to get the crowd involved in the game. This is especially true at home games, where the crowd can feel a sense of pride for their team and want to encourage them to do well in front of them.

However, the fans can also be a distraction to the players. They may be yelling out words that are unrelated to the game and could be considered rude or offensive.

One player who has developed a habit of yelling out and one is Thunder guard Dion Waiters. He yells it on nearly every shot attempt at the rim, both makes and misses. He has even recorded videos on YouTube highlighting his habit of yelling out and one.