Why Intellectual Property Laws Are Important and How They’re Used by Victor Hardy

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Victor Hardy is an attorney out of the Austin Texas area. His specialty practice is in the field of intellectual property rights and laws.

Attorney Victor Hardy is practicing attorney in Intellectual Property Law

You may not have a clear idea of what intellectual property means. Intellectual property is creative work such as works of writing, visual art such as original paintings and drawings, music, and films among other things. There are laws at the state and federal levels that have been created and are enforced in order to protect the creative works of an individual, group, or company.

How Intellectual Property Laws Work According to Victor Hardy

Intellectual property laws deal primarily with the following:

  • Trademark: Brand names like Apple, along with slogans, logos, and other identifying features of companies are protected under the state and federal trademark laws. There different degrees of protection based on numerous variables, such as the geographic area where the trademark is used and the product or service the trademark is tied to.
  • Copyright: The federal copyright laws deal with creative works and offer protection if specific minimum requirements are met. The length of time the work will be protected depends on when it was published or created.
  • Trade Secrets: These laws protect any sensitive business information. This includes secret recipes or confidential marketing plans. The extent of this protection is based on whether it’s not known by competitors, gives the company an advantage over its competitors, and it’s completely kept secret.
  • Right of Publicity: These state laws protect an individual’s name and image. No one can use their image or name for commercial purposes if the user has not been authorized.

Victor Hardy deals with these matters and more on a frequent basis in his legal practice. Victor Hardy has achieved a great deal of success in representing clients in Austin Texas and Nationwide. Attorney Victor Hardy has a specialty in enforcing search technology and multimedia streaming rights.  He also was successful at forming a pioneering patent acquisition private equity fund.

The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights and Laws for Victor Hardy

Victor Hardy has made it a source of pride to evaluate a great number of patents for investment purposes. He guides businesses to make investment decisions and to enforce these patents for Intellectual Property institutions.

If you have any questions about Intellectual Property matters and if you may have a solid case in this area, you can reach out to Victor Hardy on his website. Attorney Victor Hardy welcomes inquiries about patent acquisition, copyright laws, trademark matters and more in this field of law.