Why You Should Upgrade Your Insulation With Stuart Burchill

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Stuart Burchill Upgrade Your Insulation Stuart Burchill Upgrade Your Insulation

Keeping old insulation could be costing you money, Stuart Burchill explains how.

Older forms of insulation have been known to dramatically lose their insulating value at a very fast rate, all due to one common issue, moisture infiltration. Once moisture finds its way in, fiberglass and mineral wood insulation can sometimes completely stop working altogether. This can also create more problems like corrosion and host the perfect environment for mold spores.

Nanotechnology expert, Stuart Burchill, shares that 98% of insulation system failures are related to moisture. He often hears clients voice concern when they’re dealing with soaring energy costs and unsafe surface temperatures, hardly a year after brand new insulation was installed. Moisture prevents fiberglass and mineral wood insulation to perform at the same level as when they were new.

So how much moisture does it take to ruin an entire installation of insulation? Stuart Burchill states that scientific studies, reported in the ASHRAE Journal, show that it only takes just 4% moisture infiltration by volume to reduce insulation effectiveness by 71%.

According to “Thermal Conductivity of Wet Insulation” published in the ASHRAE Journal:

“The thermal performance of an insulation material is based in part upon the existence of small air pockets within the structure. When these air pockets are replaced with water, the thermal conductivity of the material increases since water transfers heat more readily than air.”

To help manufacturers combat this issue, Stuart Burchill patenteda range of thermal insulation coatings that are moisture repellant, resistant to chemical splashes and withstand extreme weather conditions. The hydrophobic products also prevent corrosion and protect employees from hot surface temperatures.

Corporations around the world are switching to Stuart Burchill’s spray on insulation coatings, which can be applied to any size and shape of equipment while still hot! These state-of-the-art coatings have a long lasting performance of 10 years or more, providing consistent coverage throughout its entire life span. Moisture won’t build up between the insulation and substrate, which ultimately saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

About Stuart Burchill

CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech Inc., Stuart Burchill is an expert in sustainability, nanoscience solutions, and manufacturing. His patented Heat Shield EPX-H20 spray on thermal insulation helps those in the manufacturing industry meet safety, preventative maintenance, and sustainability goals by providing corrosion resistance, CUI prevention, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance as well as by reducing equipment surface temperatures. Heat Shield EPX-H20 is water-based, sustainable, and low in VOC. For more information, please visit: http://ini-worldwide.com