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Why William Rini is Everyone Favorite in Cleveland


William Rini


A Taste of Excellence Catering owner has made his stance on the situation in luxury catering in Strongsville, Ohio, William Rini.

Following a recent talk with Crain’s Cleveland Business a local business publication. The A Taste of Excellence Catering boss explained, “We buy Ohio Proud beef and serve Ohio City Pasta, Lucky Penny Farm products, and Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, among other local produce and products.”

“Today people know their wines, they know fine food and, as a result, they’re looking for more locally produced goods. Whatever we can source locally, we use at A Taste of Excellence Catering.” Rini understands people are stuck in their ways, it is his goal to expand their views.

Ohio City Pasta produces fresh pasta, hand-crafted in Cleveland, Ohio along with other territories. Next, he states, “Long before Cleveland became a culinary hotspot, we engineered an uncompromising passion for great tasting food. Made since 1990, our pasta is celebrated throughout the Midwest by top chefs and food-lovers alike,” says the owner, Gary Thomas.

“Indeed,” adds Rini, “made from the highest-quality ingredients, using perfected techniques and the result of careful attention to detail, Ohio City Pasta has earned its reputation as the pasta-maker of choice for the professional.”

Lucky Penny Farm, meanwhile, operating out of Kent, Ohio, calls itself “a special place where art, agriculture, and family intersect.”


“a special place where art, agriculture, and family intersect.”


Furthermore, a favored supplier of A Taste of Excellence Catering, the farm raises three breeds of dairy goat. Making artisan cheeses and producing a delicious caramel sauce.

Moving on, and of Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream, Rini explains, “Each batch is hand-crafted in their Ohio City kitchen, using many ingredients which grow well in the Ohio climate, sourced from other local suppliers.”

“We take pleasure and pride,” adds Pete Mitchell. The company’s VP continues by saying, “in contributing to our Northeast Ohio communities and the lives of our employees. As part of this, we take care to charge prices which are affordable to families and all of our neighbors.”

This time, it’s a stance and belief system which A Taste of Excellence Catering’s William Rini is entirely behind.

Furthermore, public perception appears to be trending toward a similar, shared opinion. “Over 25 percent of Americans now prefer local brands and businesses to larger national or international alternatives,” explains Rini. Referencing a recent study carried out by Statista, the market research and business intelligence portal.

Of those polled by the organization, the overwhelming majority suggested that local producers offered a more positive buying experience. Delivering better quality and superior value for the money.

“At A Taste of Excellence Catering, we’re here to deliver the levels of quality and service highlighted in the Statista study,” adds Rini. “We’re able to do this by dealing with local producers and suppliers. Furthermore, supporting the area and protecting the environment all at the same time.”

In the meantime, read more about William Rini and A Taste of Excellence Catering, please visit http://www.taste-food.com/.

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