William Sugg’s Two Factors for Creating a Positive Organization Culture

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William Sugg’s Two Factors for Creating a Positive Organization Culture William Sugg’s Two Factors for Creating a Positive Organization Culture

William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems suggests building company culture through employee engagement and retention. 

Culture is a crucial factor in determining the success of a workplace. It especially affects nearly every aspect of a healthcare organization. Employees at organizations without a positive corporate culture tend to struggle to find value in their work and often quit for other employment. William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems has found that a happier workforce means more productive employees. William T. Sugg provides two key factors that are crucial for building the culture of an organization.

  1.     Increase Employee Engagement

Employees that are engaged are those that are emotionally and psychologically attached to their work and place of employment. This is critical in building strong employee relationships and, ultimately, a successful bottom line. William T. Sugg believes that with increased engagement also comes higher quality care for patients.

Hiring and developing excellent managers is where a good company culture begins. Culture is built downwards, and without strong leadership, the company is lost. Leadership needs the proper resources to hire the right people and build effective teams. Also, goals throughout the organization need to be set. Include employees in goal setting to get a better idea of what is attainable and to keep them engaged.

  1.     Increase Employee Retention

Employee turnover is the most significant contributor to unhealthy work culture. In recent years, most resumes are more likely to show short term stretches at multiple companies. Retaining employees has become more difficult, but an organization with a positive culture is more likely to fight off turnover.

The organization must pay employees fairly and give fair pay raises. The majority of employees that are actively job seeking are looking for a pay increase. William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems recommends keeping pay rates competitive. Employees will be more inclined to stay with the organization.

Employees need room for growth. An organization with a sound corporate culture provides opportunities for employees to move upward throughout the organization. Often, employees leave organizations to seek promotions that they were unable to get had they stayed.

Lastly, employees need to feel secure. This falls on the Safety Needs level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If an organization is firing employees constantly and experiencing high levels of personnel changes, employees will not feel secure at that company. William T. Sugg suggests striving for continuity and stability for an organization.

About William T. Sugg

William T. Sugg, also known as Bill Sugg of Valley County Health Systems, has worked through almost every major crisis possible in a hospital setting, including deadly tornadoes, floods, fires, and scandals. He has more than 25 years of industry experience and is the founder of a 501c (3) Healthcare Foundation and a Corporate University.

Under Bill Sugg’s leadership, his organization has received many awards and distinctions, including #1 Hospital in the Sun Regional Heath System, Tennessee HealthCare Award, and Studer Group Award.

His leadership style is approachable, transparent, and people-centered. William T. Sugg believes in a strong teamwork culture that promotes respect, trust, commitment, and dedication to goals and values.