With decades of experience and thousands of installations nationally, Rhino Shield brings new life to home maintenance

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Rhino Shield home maintenance Rhino Shield home maintenance

Rhino Shield of Northeast Florida is celebrating nearly twenty years in business servicing the beautiful state of Florida

The endless cycle of repainting every 5-years it not only exhausting, but it is also not cost-effective and can add even more damage to the structure over time. Rhino shield was born out of a lack of market solutions to this very problem. “For most homeowners in warmer climates and those in higher altitudes, they are faced with a difficult task; how exactly can they maintain their biggest investment?” Explains Rick Mariano, owner of the Rhino Shield dealership for Northeast Florida. “Keeping the outside of businesses and residential homes gets difficult each year with warming climates and weather cycles ever changing.”

Rhino Shield of Jacksonville recently hit another milestone, 10,000 successful installations of the ceramic coating that has changed businesses and residential homes around the nation.

At the heart of Rhino Shield is a ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems, or simply the use of ceramic microspheres. Rhino Shield uses the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rates, low thermal conductivity, and consistent spherical shape, and as a result, provide insulation benefits and coating durability which can lead to energy saving among many more benefits.

Rhinos Shields wall coating technology breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle and businesses and residential clients every have adopted the hashtag, #NeverPaintAgain. “Rhino Shield is most proud of this product because of the money, time, and energy costs to families and businesses. We want clients everywhere to be able to focuses on their businesses and families, and everything that’s most important to them.” -Rick Mariano

Because Rhino Shield is 10x thicker than traditional paint, it prevents cracking, chipping and peeling for almost three decades. Additionally, all cracks and joints are filled with a 60-year sealant, and rotten wood is replaced to provide the best possible outcome for a life lasting Rhino Shield job.

“At Rhino Shield, the painting market has gotten cheaper, while our product has become best in class and the most durable available”, explains Rick Mariano. “We want every business and residential home to use the most trusted ceramic on the market.”

For more information on Rhino Shield, their advanced coating product and more home repair information call 904-519-5055 or visit us at www.RhinoShieldJax.com.