Yael Kalos Continues Efforts With Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach

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Yael Kalos Yael Kalos

Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach, Yael Kalos shares insight into her continued efforts to deliver much-needed food boxes and more to needy local families.

An established organization serving Miami, Miami Beach, and surrounding areas, Tomchei Shabbos of Miami, under dedicated president Yael Kalos, is committed to delivering much-needed food, Challa, Grape Juice, fish, chicken and more to needy families across large swathes of South Florida. As a leading and well-respected local community member, Kalos offers a closer look at her work at Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach. 

“Tomchei Shabbos of Miami was founded in 2007 alongside a few community friends who really care about others” reveals Kalos. Every Friday, she says, the organization distributes kosher food and other supplies to more than seventy local families throughout South Florida.

Yael explains that ‘Tomchei Shabbos’ simply means ‘Supporters of the Sabbath’ in Hebrew. Tomechei Shabbos of Miami Beach takes the time to ensure much more than that.

Hunger, emphasizes Yael, isn’t seasonal and Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach year-round food drive attends to those who desperately need the food goods. Yael goes on to explain that the organization is highly sensitive to providing these funds in a dignified manner: “Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach believes in helping the Jewish needy without making them feel uncomfortable, and goes to great lengths to ensure 100 percent confidentiality for all Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach recipients.” Furthermore, she notes that Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach is run completely through volunteer work and all donations go directly toward the cause.

Members of the community across Miami Beach, Aventura and downtown Miami are encouraged to donate financially or their time to organize and deliver the boxes.

To learn more about Tomchei Shabbos of Miami Beach, to donate, to volunteer, or to refer a family in need, email [email protected]