Yael Kalos Introduces Ohr on Campus

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Yael Kalos Yael Kalos

 Yael Kalos is heavily involved with Ohr on Campus. The initiative, according to Kalos, promises to build the Jewish future via motivating lectures, inspiring classes, practical and in-depth Torah learning, and community interaction.

“Ohr on Campus is on a mission to build the Jewish future by reconnecting with the past,” explains Kalos. Through practical and in-depth Torah learning, motivating lectures, inspiring classes, and community interaction, the sleeping giant which Yael Kalos calls ‘the Jewish soul’ is, she says, ignited.

“Through Ohr on Campus, in almost no time at all, students begin to connect with their Jewish heritage, and to feel and understand what it means to be a Jew,”.

According to Kalos, results at Ohr on Campus have been momentous. “Within a little over two years, one small program in Miami Beach had already grown into four individual programs across South Florida,” she explains. Additional programs, says Kalos, have subsequently seen other communities outside of Miami Beach closely mirroring the Ohr on Campus fellowship model in their own areas.

“These include,” she adds, “a Boca Raton program, as well as a further girls’ program in Miami Beach.”

Attendance across Ohr on Campus and related programs has now grown to reach several hundred students each week, with dozens more joining every year. “Many students have also chosen to further advance their growth by deciding to learn for a year or more in Israel,” reveals Kalos. Across Miami Beach and surrounding areas, each student involved with Ohr on Campus is paired up with a dedicated community member to learn prepared material on a particular evening each week, for one hour. Yael Kalos is one such community member.

“All of the material is practical, in-depth, and mentally stimulating,” suggests Yael Kalos. The impact that students can have on their lives, she says, by simply dedicating one hour of their time each week is almost beyond words. “Students have grown from little or no knowledge of Judaism,” she reveals, “to dedicating their lives to the Torah and mitzvos.”

“All it takes,” adds Kalos, wrapping up, “is one hour a week.”

To learn more about Ohr on Campus, visit http://ohroncampus.com/.