Yael Kalos Offers Insight into Miami Beach Clothing Gemach

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Yael Kalos Yael Kalos

Miami Beach Gemach founder Yael Kalos provides a closer look at the now-established clothing gemach project based in Miami Beach, Florida

Delivering much-needed clothing to needy families across Miami Beach and surrounding areas, Yael Kalos runs local clothing gemach Miami Beach Gemach. A dedicated local community member, Kalos explains more about the now-established and much-relied-upon project.

“At the Miami Beach Gemach , a local clothing gemach serving families in downtown Miami,NMB, South Beach, and surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to providing much-needed items of clothing to those in need,” explains Yael Kalos, founder of the initiative.

“As an extensive local clothing gemach, we provide an entire range of clothes and garments for needy families in Miami Beach,” explains Yael Kalos, “discreetly delivered to their doors.”

Traditionally, a gemach is a Jewish free-loan fund subscribing to both the positive Torah commandment of lending money as well as the Torah prohibition against charging interest on loans to fellow Jews. “Unlike traditional bank loans,” Kalos explains, “gemach loans are completely interest-free and are typically set up with extremely simple repayment terms.”

The word ‘gemach,’ in any case, simply remains an abbreviation of ‘gemilut chasadim,’ or ‘acts of kindness.’

Accordingly, many Jewish communities have expanded the more common financially-focused gemach concept to provide clothing and other necessities for the needy.

Thankfully, the gemach concept for, clothing and other necessities, such as baby items, toys, wedding essentials, and more, has largely lost its negative stigma.

“Nevertheless, at Miami Beach Gemach, we offer a delivery service directly to needy families to prevent any possible embarrassment to a needy individual,” reveals Kalos.

Clothing gemach projects, such as Miami Beach Gemach, have, in recent years, also drawn positive, new attention from more environmentally conscious members of the community looking to donate unwanted or unneeded new and lightly used clothing items, rather than see them go to waste.

“At Miami Beach Gemach,” adds Yael Kalos, wrapping up, “we have a collection of clothes for weekday attire, special occasions such as Shabbat and Yom Tov, as well as a collection of coats, and shoes. The business and casual selection is complete for men and women, children and babies”

For more information about Miami Beach Gemach, contact Yael Kalos by calling 305-532-5758