Yosef Bleier Continues to Lead NYC Diamond Market

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Yosef Bleier Yosef Bleier

Successful sales and marketing director and owner of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, Yosef Bleier opens up about his place at the top of New York City’s diamond market

 Based out of New York City, New York, successful businessman Yosef Bleier is the name and brains behind Diamond Dealers Club NYC – the nation’s largest single diamond trade organization. Established more than 20 years ago, Diamond Dealers Club NYC is built upon a foundation of outstanding customer service, honest business practices, and a commitment to long-term relationships, according to Bleier, as he reveals more about the organization.

“For more than two decades, Diamond Dealers Club NYC has helped innumerable diamond buyers to find the exact diamond products they’re looking for,” explains Bleier, owner and manager of the leading diamond trade organization, and sales and marketing director of forward-thinking real estate company Hemp Naturals, Inc.

Despite great success, however, Bleier is keen to stress the humble nature of his background and beginnings. “At the core of what we do at Diamond Dealers Club NYC is a simple commitment to enduring values that persist in every business transaction, and in every industry relationship formed,” he suggests. Starting small, the organization has since handled countless business transactions and formed thousands of industry relationships over the course of more than 20 years, according to the Diamond Dealers Club NYC owner and manager.

“Such values are hugely important to customers,” adds Bleier, “and it’s this commitment to long-term relationships, a foundation of great customer service, and honest business dealings which, I believe, explain the success that the business has enjoyed to date, and for more than two decades now.”

Yosef Bleier became skilled in the diamond trade over a number of years, with his education originally starting at Yeshiva Ohr Sameach in Jerusalem. A graduate of Yeshiva Ohr Sameach’s business school, the Diamond Dealers Club NYC owner and manager, and Hemp Naturals, Inc. sales and marketing director, also studied gemology, marketing, and technology during his time at the Jerusalem educational institution. “I’ve further developed my skills over the subsequent years, particularly surrounding marketing and management, and they continue to serve me well today,” reveals Yosef.

Now, Yosef Bleier is responsible for an internationally recognized business that boasts authentic values at its core. “We’re built on humble foundations, committed to honest business practices, and focused on outstanding service,” he suggests, wrapping up, “and our position as the nation’s largest single diamond trade organization is, I truly believe, a perfect testament to this.”

Yosef Bleier is not only renowned for his business know-how and the consistent delivery of outstanding customer service, but is also widely recognized for his generosity. Of invaluable benefit to many, Bleier has been an integral part of the planning and promotion of countless highly successful fundraising events. Fundraising events organized and promoted by Yosef in recent years include dinners, auctions, and more alike. Yosef Bleier is the owner and manager of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, and is the sales and marketing director of forward-thinking real estate company Hemp Naturals, Inc. based in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.