Yosef Bleier Reveals Culture of Sustainability at Hemp Naturals, Inc.

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Yosef Bleier Yosef Bleier

Sales and marketing director at Hemp Naturals, Inc., Yosef Bleier shares an inside look at the company’s culture of sustainability.

Hemp Naturals, Inc. sales and marketing director Yosef Bleier shines new light on the bio-composite material marketed as Hempcrete as he reveals the firm’s culture of sustainability and its commitment to excellence and professionalism in everything that the business does.

“At Hemp Naturals, Inc., sustainability is our culture,” says Bleier, the firm’s sales and marketing director, “with operations largely centered around a bio-composite material commonly referred to as hempcrete or hemplime.”

So-called ‘Hempcrete,’ a name commonly used to market the product alongside Canosmose, Canobiote, and Isochanvre, is made from lime and hemp shivs – a waste product from hemp fiber growing. “Hempcrete can be used for walls, floors, roof insulation, and more,” Bleier explains. Breathable-absorbing and emitting moisture to regulate internal humidity and to avoid trapped moisture and mold growth-it also provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and thermal mass, according to the expert. “It’s lightweight, too, reduces construction costs, and is extremely environmentally friendly,” he adds.

“Our sole mission moving forward is to offer the highest standard of construction in the country using hemp-based materials plus other durable and environmentally friendly products that prolong the lifespan of buildings erected in this great nation – the United States of America,” reveals Hemp Naturals, Inc. sales and marketing director Bleier. “We also wish to promote the wider and still-growing hemp industry,” he continues, “by erecting as many buildings as possible constructed with Hempcrete to showcase the product and its durability to the widest audience we can.”

Hempcrete is claimed to be both durable and reusable, as well as recyclable where necessary. Used in construction, the finished product has an estimated lifespan of 400 to 500 years, according to Yosef Bleier. “This material enables us to construct highly insulated and incombustible buildings that can stand the test of time, tension, and pressure from the environment,” he reveals.

At Hemp Naturals Inc., the philosophy is refreshingly simple. “We aim to provide nothing but the very best, and to deliver our services with excellence and professionalism,” says Bleier.

In pursuance with Hemp Naturals, Inc.’s founder’s original vision, Yosef Bleier and the rest of the Hemp Naturals, Inc. team are fully committed to both the company’s philosophy and culture of sustainability. “Sustainability, excellence, and professionalism alike,” adds Bleier, wrapping up, “are all at our very core.”

Yosef Bleier is not only renowned for his business know-how and the consistent delivery of outstanding customer service, but is also widely recognized for his generosity. Of invaluable benefit to many, Bleier has been an integral part of the planning and promotion of countless highly successful fundraising events. Fundraising events organized and promoted by Yosef in recent years include dinners, auctions, and more alike. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the field of business in 1997, Yosef Bleier is the owner and manager of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, and is the sales and marketing director of forward-thinking real estate company Hemp Naturals, Inc. based in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.