Yosef Bleier Showcases Operations at Hemp Naturals, Inc.

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Yosef Bleier Yosef Bleier

Hemp Naturals, Inc. sales and marketing director Yosef Bleier reveals more about the revolutionary real estate business.

A real estate company heavily committed to the renovation of dilapidated buildings to greatly enhance their lifespans, operations at Hemp Naturals, Inc. center around so-called ‘Hempcrete,’ a bio-composite material used for construction and insulation. Yosef Bleier, the firm’s sales and marketing director, offers a behind the scenes look at the Sunny Isles Beach, Florida-based business.

“At Hemp Naturals, Inc., we’re working on innovative and forward-thinking approaches toward and surrounding environmentally-friendly forms of construction,” reveals Bleier. The typical lifespan of a building constructed from concrete, steel, or wood is, he says, shorter than that of an average human being.

Indeed, according to the U.S Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an office building in 2008 was 73 years. This, says Bleier, has prompted him and the Hemp Naturals, Inc. team to seek the ultimate sustainable building material, and one which is capable of standing the test of time. “This quest,” he adds, “is the primary reason behind establishing Hemp Naturals Inc.”

“We exist,” the Hemp Naturals, Inc. sales and marketing director continues, “to deliver innovative, forward-thinking, and game-changing technological solutions and advancements to the real estate and construction industries of the United States.”

Operations at Hemp Naturals, Inc. are largely centered around a mixture of hemp hurds and natural hydraulic lime, sand, or pozzolans used to create a bio-composite material commonly referred to as hempcrete or hemplime. According to Bleier, this mix of hemp hurds-or shives-and, primarily, lime, is most often marketed as Hempcrete, Canosmose, Canobiote, or Isochanvre.

“Hempcrete, in particular, is easier to work with than traditional lime mixes,” he explains. Lacking the brittleness of regular concrete and without the need for expansion joints, the result is a lightweight and highly insulating material that’s ideal for most climates. “This,” adds Yosef Bleier, “comes as a result of Hempcrete’s ability to combine both insulation and thermal mass.”

In addition to working on the renovation of dilapidated buildings to enhance their lifespans, Hemp Naturals, Inc. also employs a systematic process to secure empty lots in need of clearing and preparation for from-scratch development.

“We’re currently erecting a four-unit building in Miami, Florida,” adds Bleier, speaking from his office in Sunny Isles Beach, wrapping up, “and hope to expand operations on a nationwide basis moving forward.”

Yosef Bleier is not only renowned for his business know-how and the consistent delivery of outstanding customer service, but is also widely recognized for his generosity. Of invaluable benefit to many, Bleier has been an integral part of the planning and promotion of countless highly successful fundraising events. Fundraising events organized and promoted by Yosef in recent years include dinners, auctions, and more alike. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the field of business in 1997, Yosef Bleier is the owner and manager of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, and is the sales and marketing director of forward-thinking real estate company Hemp Naturals, Inc. based in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.