Bennett Velasquez Discusses Some of the Most Sustainable Hotels

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Due to Bennett Velasquez’s interest in sustainable business practices, Bennett always pays attention to the best in the industry. Below, Bennett Velasquez talks about the most sustainable hotel brands in the industry.

Because the Hyatt is a big name in the hotel industry, not many people associate it with eco-friendliness and sustainability. According to Bennett Velasquez, the Hyatt is going through great lengths to reduce their environmental impact. For starters, the Hyatt places a big focus on water waste and reduction. Their corporate responsibility program is also one of the best in the industry. All Hyatt employees have the option to participate in programs that impact the community.
Bennett Velasquez
1 Hotels
While 1 Hotels only has locations in Brooklyn, New York City, and Miami, they’re quickly becoming one of the biggest names in sustainability. Their hotels aim to transform their guests into a natural setting. To make every room sustainable, this hotel only uses reclaimed wood, hemp mattresses, and natural light. Bennett Velasquez mentions that this brand is going to great lengths to get global recognition as a name in the hotel industry associated with sustainability.

Sandos All-Inclusive Hotels
Bennett Velasquez mentions that all-inclusive hotels have a reputation for creating an excess waste of food and resources. However, Sandos Hotels are taking the right steps to make the brand more sustainable. Sandos Hotels has been working on environmentally friendly practices since 2009. For starters, they launched a program that includes onsite recycling, electrical energy programs, and water conservation.

Sandos hotels ensure each room is green by having LED lighting, green materials, and a system that recycles gray and soapy water. Some of the most impressive things about Sandos Hotels are their reforestation program, reproduction programs for endangered species, and their onsite herb garden.