Beth Lougee Shares the Benefits of Blogging as a Superintendent

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Staying Connected with the Community is Vital for Those in a Superintendent Role; Beth Lougee Explains Why

When superintendents are creating a communication plan for their district, many fail to think about the importance of blogging and using social media. When leaders wait to react to traditional news media, information is out of their control, and responding to it can be very slow. Now, children and parents can upload videos and spread content before you’ve even arrived at the situation.

With more than 23 years of experience in education, Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico explains why superintendents should embrace social media and blogging.

Almost everyone has a handheld tablet or phone with internet access. People are consuming content more than ever before, and they want information as soon as possible. Beth Lougee believes that leaders can use this to their advantage when making announcements and posting messages to blogs and social media platforms. It’s also excellent for addressing emergencies.

Traditional media outlets such as cable TV, radio, and newspapers do not always accurately represent school districts. If a superintendent has a blog, website, or Twitter page, they can share information and represent their district how they choose. Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico notes that personal blog outlets can also be accessed at any time according to the reader’s schedule. It’s not always possible to catch the evening news or grab a newspaper on the way to work.

Many people are surprised to learn that news agencies and media outlets often turn to blogs for story ideas and information. It is also an excellent way for news outlets to quickly pull quotes without the need to get in contact with a busy superintendent. Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico believes its best to stay connected and in control of your information.

Blogging and using social media can create a sense of community within your district. People will feel like they know their superintendent better, which builds trust and helps form relationships. You’d be surprised how many people you meet that would stay connected if they had the opportunity.

About Beth Lougee:

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is known to be organized and knowledgeable in data-driven decision making; excellent qualities for her new position as Interim Superintendent at Ketchikan Gateway Borough School. Throughout her career, she has also worked as a substitute teacher, coach, school counselor, and k-12 principal.

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is happily married to her husband, David Lougee, who also has a long career in education. They have two sons and five beautiful grandchildren, all in Wyoming. In her spare time, you can find Beth outdoors hiking, fishing, camping, or reading educational journals.