Bill Ondulich: Path of a Building Official

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Bill Ondulich Path of a Building Official Bill Ondulich Path of a Building Official

A building official is an important role in any developed society. It is the building official’s responsibility to ensure that buildings are up to code, that laws are being followed to the tee in the construction and maintenance of said buildings, and that plumbing, electrical, and other systems are all up to code. This, Bill Ondulich, is just the tip of the iceberg-a building official wears many hats and oversees numerous aspects of building safety for entire communities. Suffice to say, the role of a building official isn’t an easy one to obtain or enact, and those who do are impressive individuals indeed.

Bill Ondulich began his journey towards becoming a building official back in 1987, in Tucson, Arizona while he was enrolled in college. It was here that he gained experience as a field and lab technician while simultaneously taking classes, performing soil, asphalt, and concrete tests. The purpose of these tests, Bill Ondulich explains, is to ensure the required design elements of a project meet the minimum specifications.

Bill Ondulich continued his work in Arizona after graduation, first as a Design Engineer performing structural engineering design and calculations for commercial buildings. Bill Ondulich then began work as a Project Engineer, overseeing projects related to structural engineering.

After this, Bill Ondulich began his time as a Plan check Engineer, examining plans, structural calculations, and specifications for commercial, industrial, educational, and multi-family projects. These checks are all done with regard to the local city’s building codes, providing Bill Ondulich with the needed experience of working within specific city guidelines in order to meet building and land development codes.

It was around this time Bill Ondulich began his own part-time business providing commercial and residential structural building design and plan checking services to private industries. He also provided personal computer sales, repairs, and technical support, and continued this side business until 2004.

It was in 2004 that Bill Ondulich made the move from Arizona to Florida, to take up the helm of Plans Examiner in the city of Largo. He quickly rose through the ranks, being promoted first to Engineer II, then Assistant Building Official, and finally becoming the Building Official for the city of Largo. In this role, Bill Ondulich provided leadership for planning, organizing, directing, supervising, and managing the Community Development Building Division.

In 2016, he started his most recent endeavor, working as the Chief Building Official for NOVA engineering. One thing is for certain: the road to becoming a building official isn’t an easy one, but it’s one Bill Ondulich has succeeded in navigating.