DG Contracting: Top 3 Reasons a Licensed Professional Should Inspect or Repair Your Roof

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DG Contracting Inspect or Repair Your Roof DG Contracting Inspect or Repair Your Roof

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DG Contracting’s top three tips on roof damage during the summer months and beyond is highlighted here to help you better prepare for possible future roofing issues.


Did you know that just like a car or the human body a roof needs regular maintenance to maintain its life expectancy? The exterior portion of the roof, meaning the tiles and shingles, etc.are just the aesthetic portion of the roof, the underlying structure is often what starts to have damage or wearing away due to several different factors. These structures involve the underlayment, flashes, and gutters, which are best left inspected by a licensed roofing professional.


#1 Storms &  Overhang

During the summer months, storm damage is also a critical factor that may wreak havoc on a roof. Sometimes, the storm’s wind, hail, heavy rain, or lightning strikes can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If small damage is created and goes unnoticed, this is when leaks and major rotting and deterioration can occur later on down the road.


Of course, some storms can cause extreme damage and even rip off part of the roof if it’s excessive. In these cases, it’s not a good idea for a homeowner to try and fix the damage alone without the help of a professional. If the repairs are not done right, the same scenario of leaks and deterioration can occur. If there is a lot of overhang like large tree limbs, it’s best to keep those cut back before there’s a risk of those falling on the roof and damaging the home. 


#2 Water Damage

During the summer, the air-conditioning unit can also cause damage if it’s not draining correctly, so a roof can get pooling of water.


If the roof wasn’t initially set right or installed correctly, pooling could occur from rainwater as well. 


#3 Underlying Damage & Pests

If you notice any blistering or popping of tiles and shingles, you could have erosion on the underlayment, or you could have a pest problem.


Many times, rats, squirrels, and raccoons will seek your attic out as their safe- haven, and they usually do so by getting through the roof’s exterior. 


DG Contracting is highly regarded for their prompt, professional, and reliable expertise, and they always provide excellent service to all of their customers. DG Contracting only hires licensed contractors, and the owner is onsite at every roofing project. They are highly recommended time and time again by their customers due to their outstanding service and craftsmanship.