Protect My College Student: Tips on How to Stay Safe on and off Campus

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Protect My College Student How to Stay Safe on and off Campus Protect My College Student How to Stay Safe on and off Campus

Sending kids off to college can be a time filled with anxiety for parents or guardians as their control becomes extremely limited. Protect My College Student recommends mapping out a plan before your student heads off to campus, as it will alleviate some of your stress as a parent, and it will also help your child understand the importance of safety precautions.

When you visit the campus, find out where the security office is and familiarize your student with the area and what to do in case of emergency or risk. It’s also beneficial to make sure your student is comfortable on and off-campus and that they know their way around.

Purchase a safety kit or paraphernalia that they might be comfortable using such as pepper spray and loud whistles or panic buttons. There are also apps that students can download to their devices in case of an emergency that alert 911 directly in an instant.

At college, there is always the allure of freedom. Protect My College Student recommends setting ground rules for your child to keep them safe. Ask them to be careful at all times and to make wise decisions about who they are hanging out with regularly. You should be aware of your kids contacts and friends, so don’t be afraid to ask your child for this information in case of an emergency.

A lot of late-night activity means more crime, and danger is lurking in unfamiliar places. Make sure your student understands the importance of always being aware of their surroundings, and also explain the importance of locking up their dorm room and other valuables. They should not give extra keys to anyone, especially those they don’t know well.

Safety also includes keeping your student healthy while they are away at school. College students get sick just like anyone else, the issues are, they’re far away from the regular primary care doctor, emergency rooms are packed with people, and the cost is exorbitant, and while urgent care centers are viable options, but are there any close by and what time are they open? With today’s young adults being ultra tech-savvy, MD Live has a college program that fits your student’s schedule, even if it’s after-hours on the weekend! It’s called Protect My College Student.

Utilizing MD Live’s telemedicine services, students can contact doctors and healthcare professionals 24/7 via their phone, laptop, or iPad. Protect My College Student’s goal is to provide parents peace of mind as their children go off to college and are living away from home for the first time. This can be an uneasy time for parents, but knowing that their children have unlimited access to medical services and counseling reassures them that their son or daughter is in good hands.