4 Tips to Find Your Art Style with Marcula Stauffer

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Marcula Stauffer Tips to Find Your Art Style Marcula Stauffer Tips to Find Your Art Style

Marcula Stauffer helps new artists find inspiration and develop their own approach.

There are plenty of art classes that teach technique for drawing or painting, yet slim to none that teach new artists how to find their own unique art style. Creators often wonder how they can stand out and create something that shows expression at the same. An experienced artist, Marcula Stauffer, shares 4 tips to help you search for your own art style.

Pick a Genre

In the modern age, there are so many genres of art to pull inspiration from. Start taking note of what styles you enjoy and begin to learn from them. In this process, Marcula Stauffer notes the importance of realizing that many techniques can be used across many genres, so it is not a waste of time to study something you may not pursue. New artists can find inspiration from anywhere and anything, but narrowing in on one specific style will help you focus your efforts and become a master in your craft.

Trust Yourself

To develop an artist’s eye, take notice when something doesn’t feel quite right. Marcula Stauffer suggests dissecting the issue to understand the root cause of what’s bothering you. Maybe the colors don’t match what you’re trying to say, or perhaps the scene didn’t unfold as you envisioned. Marcula Stauffer encourages new artists to start over, try a different approach, and do what feels right. The more you practice, the easier it is to learn your own style.

Embrace Mistakes

Perfectionists really struggle with this concept, but sometimes a mistake isn’t really a mistake. Marcula Stauffer explains that over time, these little hiccups can start to grow on you and become an integral part of the piece. These little marks are unique to you and add your personal touch. Plus, art can become very time consuming and frustrating when worrying about every little thing, which is not at all how expressing yourself should feel.

Be Open

No matter how famous an artist, there will always be someone who won’t like their work. However, receiving criticism can help you improve over time. Of course, not all feedback should be taken seriously, but as an artist becomes more established, they will realize which comments are valid and which should be ignored.
Marcula Stauffer feels like his most important piece of advice is to remember that your art style will constantly change and evolve, just as you change and evolve along life’s journey. Many artists keep a journal to organize thoughts, ideas, and progression. Looking back at these notes can help you realize just how far you’ve come!