Garrett Hofer Offers Tips for Teaching Kids to Tie Flies

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Garrett Hofer Garrett Hofer

Sharing hobbies with your kids can be a great educational and bonding opportunity. Garrett Hofer is an avid fly fishermen. Having learned at age seven, he has now passed the craft down to his son. He offers a few tips for introducing kids to the art of fly tying.

First Garrett Hofer recommends using simple patterns. As with any craft, it’s best to start easy and work up to more complex designs. Begin teaching them versatile tying techniques they can apply to several patterns.

Also, Garrett Hofer CT advises using large patterns with brightly-colored thread. This makes it easier for you and your pupil to gauge their handiwork. Proportion, sparsity, and color blending are more visible on a large fly. Let them express their creativity and don’t worry too much at first about color matching. Most fish won’t care about color coordination.

“My son loves to make new creations each time before we go fly fishing,” Garrett Hofer (originally from Colorado) says.

Garrett Hofer took entomology classes in college and likes to teach his son fun facts about the different insects they are trying to imitate.

Once you’ve created some imitation insects, it’s also important to learn the art of properly presenting the flies to fish. Before having your child cast a line, have them practice basic movements with a fly rod. Orvis is a renowned fishing and outdoor brand and they have some great instructional videos that can be viewed at:

Like learning any new skill, Garrett Hofer East Lyme says, when it comes to fly tying and fishing, practice makes perfect. Be patient with your child as they learn. Remember, it’s not what they catch that’s important. It’s the rewarding process of spending quality time together learning, enjoying one another’s company, and interacting outdoors and experiencing Nature’s splendor.