Justin Williams Medical Laser’s Best Mobile Games

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Justin Williams Medical Laser takes a look at some of the best games you can get on your phone.


Phone games (now more commonly referred to as “mobile gaming”) have evolved along with the quality of our cellphones. Where once the classic game of Snake was impressive enough to have on your Nokia screen, times have changed and the number of options available to you if you’re looking for a fun game to pass the time with could be a tad overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin.


Justin Williams Medical Laser warns against the microtransaction-laden nature of mobile games: most of them are available for “free”, but after you get suckered in by the nonexistent price point in the app store, the game then attempts to nickel and dime you by charging for obtuse concepts like “crystals” or “energy” that allow you to continue playing the game without waiting out a predetermined time limit. While this isn’t that much different from classic arcades of yore, Justin Williams Medical Laser admits, there’s a better bang for your buck if you know the right places to look.


One game Justin Williams Medical Laser recommends is Teppen. This action-based card game from Capcom is not only completely free, but you can also potentially unlock everything in the game without paying a cent if you’re lucky enough and put in the time. The game revolves around three “lanes” of play where you’re able to put down your playing cards. The cards have attack and defense values, Justin Williams Medical Laser explains, that “battle” cards on the opposite side of the field which is controlled by another player. The gimmick this game provides is that while most card games are turn-based, Teppen utilizes an “active time” system, where you have to be quick on the draw to win.


Another game Justin Williams Medical Laser recommends is Gears Pop. Gears Pop is a mobile entry into the Gears of War franchise, though it’s very different from any other entry in the series. Gears Pop is actually similar to Teppen, in that you face off against another player who is defending their side of the field against you. Gears Pop is also “active time” based, so you can’t take your time to decide what move you want to make next—if you start to hesitate, you’ll find yourself quickly becoming overwhelmed by enemy units and losing the battle. One unique thing Gears Pop brings to the table is its ability to link to your Xbox Live account, if you have one. 


Finally, Justin Williams Medical Laser recommends checking out the Call of Duty mobile game, if your phone can handle it. Most modern phones should be able to handle the game, which boasts graphics comparable to last-gen consoles and gameplay that hasn’t been too watered down from the fully-featured entries into the series. Justin Williams Medical Laser suggests, if possible, using a bluetooth-enabled controller to play the game, as while the touch screen controls aren’t totally undoable, they are still a hassle to play with. Touch screen controls, unfortunately, just aren’t well suited to playing first-person shooters. 


There are tons of great mobile games out there, but even more terrible releases and cash-grabs—you just have to know where to look.