Wes Feltner Discusses His New Book: All Sides of the Savior: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus

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Wes Feltner Wes Feltner

 We all agree that Jesus Christ was born and lived almost 2000 years ago, but have you ever stopped and thought about Him as a human? Even though you may think of Jesus as God, we cannot deny He walked upon the earth as a man. The fact that Jesus was God AND man is the heart of the good news of the gospel. In Wes Feltner’s new informative and eye-opening book, All Sides of the Savior: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus, published by Critical Mass Books in December 2019, Wes Feltner talks about the human side of Jesus’ life.

Wes Feltner Minnesota
Wes Feltner Minnesota

Wes Feltner says that when God inspired the writers of the gospel to write about Jesus, they wrote about the man, Jesus, in his human form. Wes Feltner’s idea that we ascribe to the nonhuman part of Jesus but don’t want to acknowledge the human side is a common mistake that prevents us from knowing Jesus as a whole. “The reality is that we gladly testify that God became man to save us, but we don’t want to think of God in terms of actually being a man,” he says. But the bible says He was born and wrapped in swaddling clothes when he was lying in a manger. He walked the dusty roads with his friends and family, and he had a job. He was born human, and he lived as a human. “We readily affirm the humanity of Jesus, yet rarely think of Him as fully human. It goes against the way we have been conditioned to think about Jesus.”

“But, the way we think about Jesus,” Wes Feltner continues, “shapes how we know Him in our mind and soul. Wes Feltner says having an accurate understanding of the humanity of Jesus will free you to relate to Him more honestly and to experience an authentic relationship with Him. Wes Feltner says, “Isn’t that the whole point of Christianity – learning more about Jesus in order to relate better to Him and have a personal relationship with Him?” All Sides of the Savior helps to show what Jesus went through as he incarnated into human form.

The book is starting to gain notice among clergy and laypeople alike. Paul Allen of the Voice of the Minnesota Vikings says, “Meeting Wes Feltner and closely studying All Sides of the Savior, has helped me sow seeds of faith on a daily basis and handle adversity and daily struggles in my life. It has also helped me in sharing the importance of faith without becoming overbearing and turning off the listener.”

Wes Feltner, Ph.D., M.Div., has spent the last 23 years in vocational ministry and has served in pastoral ministry in the areas of preaching, vision casting, adult discipleship, and international missions. In 2016-2017, Wes Feltner pastored the 10th fasting growing church in America, according to Outreach Magazine. He has taught at three different seminaries in the area of leadership and pastoral ministry. Wes Feltner has been working on a new personal development program titled Live Free set to launch spring 2020 with Paul Allen of The Voice of the Minnesota Vikings. Wes Feltner currently lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.