The Key Components to a Home Workout with Dustin McNeer

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Dustin McNeer Dustin McNeer

Personal trainer, Dustin Mark McNeer, explains what you need to know about starting home workouts.

No gym? No problem! There are many ways to get fit without signing up for a gym membership or health club. Whether it’s too expensive, too far, or too demanding, Dustin Mark McNeer, a personal trainer, has got you covered! It’s easier than you might think to fit in a quick workout in the comfort of your own home.

There are many benefits to home workouts, including privacy, schedule flexibility, cleanliness, and childcare. Most gyms do not offer child care services, which leaves many working parents unable to make fitness a priority. Dustin Mark McNeer notes that those with low immune systems may also want to skip the community fitness center where sweat and germs can congregate. 

To see results, people must stay consistent and committed to their fitness plans. Dustin Mark McNeer explains that starting a healthy lifestyle can begin at home with little to no workout equipment. Over time, simple equipment can be introduced into home workouts such as dumbbells, pull-up bars, fit balls, kettlebells, exercise bands, and yoga mats. These inexpensive items recommended by Dustin Mark McNeer can help you target specific muscle groups and increase resistance. 

It’s important to note that beginners can start home workouts without equipment, using only their bodyweight to build muscles and burn calories. According to Dustin McNeer, an effective workout has five main components: warmup, cardiovascular exercise, strength-building, flexibility, and a cooldown. When putting your workout routine together, make sure you fill each of the five requirements. 

For a warmup, Dustin Mark McNeer suggests taking a walk around the block or on a treadmill. The key here is to slowly introduce the body to movement and prepare it for more rigorous exercise. Next, you’ll transition the warmup into a cardiovascular exercise. According to Dustin Mark McNeer, you can walk or bike faster, use a jump rope, do jumping jacks, or try step aerobics. 

The resistance portion of your workout routine can consist of lower body exercises like squats, lunges, calf raises, and donkey kicks. Upper body workouts can include pushups, plank walks, crunches, and burpees. Dustin Mark McNeeer notes that incorporating minor equipment, as mentioned above, will allow you to try even more exercises at home! If you need some guidance, there are many resources available for free online or at your local library. 

Dustin Mark McNeer offers some more tips for beginners who are starting home workout routines. First, create a separate space in your home that is spacious enough to move. You will also want this space to be as free from distractions as possible. You can choose to workout inside or even in your backyard! 

Next, Dustin Mark McNeer encourages beginners to have a schedule and plan before starting. To stay consistent, you need to know what you are doing and when. If something comes up, make sure to reschedule your fitness time immediately so that you stay on track. 

Finally, keep a journal to track your progress and set goals. For more help, Dustin Mark McNeer suggests reaching out to a personal trainer or registered dietician.